Friday Feature Matinee - Sanctuary

Friday Feature Matinee - Sanctuary

Wasn’t last weeks “Favorite Things” Fun! Even my coworkers who I have to beg and plead to participate came back and said how much fun it was to watch the video Friday night and see what they each did! Don’t tell them but they may get hired for more future videos they did so good!

This week we are going to be featuring a team of designers who have been with Moda since 2002 when they released “Gingham Rose”, 3 Sisters.Facebook_Post3 Sisters is a collaboration born of mutual love and respect. This family of designers each dedicate their own voice to every collection. Vintage chic, country sophistication and an appreciation for the simple elegance of life are just a few of the stylistic threads that are woven into their designs. The widespread popularity of this dy­namic trio can be attributed to their keen eye for rich yet subtle color choices and a gentle finesse of both scale and pattern.

 We have carried a number of their collections over the years and one thing that always stands out to me is the elegance that their collection always has. Whether dark rich colors or soft pastels like this weeks Friday Feature: “Sanctuary”

The following is an excerpt from the Moda Blog written by Tess about their approach to designing and this collection.

Bonjour mes amis!  I'm Tess. 

My sisters and I have been designing fabrics with Moda for almost twenty years.  Twenty years!  It's crazy to think that Gingham Rose debuted in 2002... a lifetime ago.  The collections have been influenced by our adventures, our joys, and the changes in our lives.  Even though each of us has favorite collections and prints, and favorite color palettes, we always agree on collections like this one.  Beautiful florals, soft colors, a feeling of harmony.ct_sanctuaryprecutsWe're often asked about creating new collections, which part of the process comes first - the prints or the colors.  It varies, and there have been collections that started with a mood.  Or just a word.  With this collection, it was a confluence of colors and mood.

ct_sanctuary1Blush. Tranquil. Zen. Shadow. Crystal. Rose.  We give the colors names that suit the spirit of the collection.  That continues with the prints: Flourish, Thrive, Bloom, Flow, Pathways and Focus.

ct_sanctuary-ps44250-72-x72One of the best things about working with Moda has been seeing the beautiful quilts created by their designers.  If you're wondering, we learned to sew as teenagers so we could make our own clothes.  Or embellish them.  My sister, Cece, is an expert quilter, and while she does like to change things as she goes along, she is happy to admit that she will always prefer to use a pattern someone else has figured out how to make.

Click hear to print the PDF file of the yardage to make the Feathered Star Quilt pictured above.

Mark your calendars for 2:30pm Central Friday to learn more about "Sanctuary" during this week Friday Feature Matinee

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Happy Quilting

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