It's National Quilting Month!

Wind your bobbins and toot your horns, it’s National Quilting Month! March is set aside each year to celebrate quilts and quilters. While technically quilts are defined as a layer of batting or padding between 2 layers of fabric that have been stitched together to hold them in place, we know that they are so much more!

quilt_on_rackQuilts are Art

Quilts are an art form, a way for the creator to express their creativity. Quilters share their message through color, form, fabric and thread. Quilts are a way to share warmth and love with others. Quilts are often celebrations of landmark events such as weddings, births and graduations. Quilts personalize and decorate our homes. Memory quilts offer support and love, helping to ease the pain of loss.

Quilts are Love

Quilters invest time, energy and love in their creations, whether working with scraps and up-cycled materials or all new supplies purchased specifically for a given project. Quilters put a little piece of themselves in each and every creation, so it’s only fitting that we quilters take a month to celebrate!

So What is National Quilting Month?

Since 1992, the third Saturday of March has been set aside as National Quilting Day. According to the Quilt Alliance, this observance was inspired by the Kentucky Heritage Quilt Society and their “Quilter’s Day Out” celebration of quilt making in the state. The National Quilting Association voted to make the day a national event at their show in 1991.

Ways to Celebrate!

This year, National Quilting Day is on March 20. While many traditional group activities may not be held this year, there are still plenty of ways you can join in the celebration.

117651881_3838151612868533_6039094111464278130_oQuilts of Valor

Quilters have generously and tirelessly shared their skills with others over the past year by making protective masks for their family, friends and communities. If you are looking for a new way of sharing your skills, consider Quilts of Valor. Their mission is to cover service members and veterans touched by war with the comfort and healing of a quality, handmade quilt. 

Even More Ways to Celebrate

What are some other ways to celebrate? Here’s a list of some ideas you might want to try this month!

  • Try a new technique. Expand your horizons by trying something new like English Paper Piecing, foundation paper piecing, applique or free motion quilting.
  • Finish your oldest UFO (UnFinished Object)
  • Start a new project
  • Donate time, money or materials to a charitable quilting organization
  • Have a sew day with friends – either in-person or virtually
  • Clean and organize your sewing space
  • Treat your sewing machine to a spa day
  • So, gather your quilting supplies (don’t forget the chocolate!) and start celebrating, quilters!

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