TU Accelerated - VBlock Ruler- Friday, June 28th, 2024

SKU: EVE2400016

Time: 1 PM - 5 PM
Date: Friday, June 28th, 2024

Have you been participating in our Tucker University Classes and missed a session, or would like to have further instruction on one of the rulers. Come to these classes at no additional cost. Did you only sign up for one or two classes? This is your time to take the classes you may have missed out on.

What is Tucker University? It involves using Studio 180 Design rulers to perfect and improve your piecing skills. You absolutely won't be disappointed in your results and you will be wanting to "Tuckerize" any pattern you work on going forward.

Do you feel like you have been missing out and want to jump into the University and get caught up? This will allow you to get caught up and jump into Month 6 as long as you also take the Month 5 classes that are occuring earlier in June.

If you are seeing stars in your future then you have just found your new best friend, the V Block. Making stars is not the only thing the V Blcok can do to improve your piecing techniques. Once you learn how to use the V Block, you will not go back to those plastic templates you have been tracing and slicing. Or connect a V Block with a half square triangle and watch the curves develop. The possilibiites are only limited to your imagination.

Push the use of your V Block a bit further by learning how to create Sidekicks and High/low units. You will amaze your quilting friends by thinking that you made a difficult unit, when in fact the use of the V Block made your life so easy.

Required tools: V Block

Cost includes 4-hours of class instruction, laminated design sheet, and laminated technique sheet.

Rulers are an addtional cost:
- Purchase rulers prior to class get 20% off
- Purchase ruler day of Class get 10% off
- Rent the ruler for the day of class for $5.00 - can upgrade to purchase and if decision to purchase is made, $5.00 will be applied to the ruler and 10% discount will still apply