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Want to learn something new and/or catch up and join us for the rest of Freshman Year?


Ends June 28, 2024 at 9:00 am

Sign up for Tucker University All-Inclusive Freshman Year ($250) and get the Accelerated Classes below for FREE! (A $200 Value)

This is the best value of all of our offers!

Join us for Tucker University Accelerated!

Featuring Rulers 1 thru 4, you can get the accelerated crash course and learn about more accurate and sound piecing, not to mention perfect points! Go all in by selecting the class with rulers 1-4 below. Need more options or to know why this is for you?

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Why should I do this?

Great quilts come from great piecing. The lessons are laid out in a way that makes you successful quickly. These lessons also help you transfer these skills forward into your favorite quilt projects and make a better pieced quilt, with all of your points showing just you have always wanted. Dont forget! Your blocks will turn out the correct size every single time! Give this a try, meet some new people on the same journey, and let's get inspired to create!

What are my options?

You have several options to do this:

1. Sign up for the All-Inclusive Freshman Year and get these catch up sessions free in the future.


2. Take them all in a weekend by selecting the TU Accelerated - Rulers 1-4


3. Choose the rulers you want from these options:

a. Tucker Trimmer

b. V Block

c. Tucker Trimmer

d. Square in Square

Class Pricing

We do all we can to keep our prices reasonable. The cost of these classes should be higher at $50 a class, but we want your skills to grow and we want to make it accessible to you to do so. We also have make up sessions, catch up sessions, and more to help you.

At $35 a class, our instructor still gets paid and you get the learning, the one-on-one time you need, and of course, when you need help, just join us for our open sew opportunities and request some time for additional help and coaching.

We want you to be successful, so join us today!