TU Month 11- Adv. I Rapid Fire Lemonye - Thursday, December 12th, 2024

CHF 48.00
SKU: EVE2400037

Time: 5 PM - 9 PM
Date: Thursday, December 12th, 2024

Prerequiste: Must have taken Month 6

Are you hooked on the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star® tool? You can make fancy Lemoyne Stars by learning how to create three more variations. Now that you have mastered the basic construction of the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star® you will be liberated with three more options: Strip Pieced Lemoyne, Liberty Lemoyne, and Banded Lemoyne.

Bring your "Show and Tell" item from the Month 10 class and get $10.00 in-store credit to be used on that day.

Required tools: Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star Ruler

Cost includes 4-hours of class instruction, laminated design sheet, and THREE laminated technique sheet.

Rulers are an addtional cost:
- Purchase rulers prior to class get 20% off
- Purchase ruler day of Class get 10% off
- Rent the ruler for the day of class for $5.00 - can upgrade to purchase and if decision to purchase is made, $5.00 will be applied to the ruler and 10% discount will still apply