Our Mission:

We help our guests transform fabrics and threads into works of art filled with accomplishment, pride, and love.


Who we are:

We are Honest

We are honest with each other, our guests, and in our deeds. We do this to keep every interaction, good or bad, truthful.


We are Respectful. 

We respect each other and our guests. We treat everyone with dignity and  kindness.


We are Disciplined.

We do what we say we will do, without exception. We start on the individual level and pursue it through our actions. 

We are Accountable. 

We hold ourselves and our guests accountable to their goals, because that is how they are achieved.


We are Aligned.

We hire growth-oriented people. We grow with people who are serious about their personal, professional, and financial goals.


We are Results-Oriented. 

We are a business with products we offer that are meant to deliver results. Focusing on the guest-experience, how they see and view our products, and our knowledge of them is key.


We are Community. 

We are not only part of the community, we are builders of the community. The more people that are part of something bigger, the easier it is to get more people involved in meeting the Mission, Vision, and Goals of our company.


We are all N

We are working towards the mission. Our guests mean the world to the people they make their projects for, and they mean the world to us. We are here to serve our guests because we like those “feel good moments”, too!


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