Desert Oasis Flow Basics Red Ochre - 1 Yard Left - Verified!

SKU: F04901

Desert Oasis, designed by Create Joy Project for Moda Fabrics, is a truly majestic collection that celebrates the beauty of nature. Each piece of art was carefully crafted to emote the joy of escape, adventure, warmth and peace that can be found in your travels to a beloved location awash in sunshine and cool water, red rock mountains and magical cliffs. This fabric line is packed full of fabrics celebrating the red rock mountains and cliffs, warm sands, soft textural plants, unique rocks and pebbles, the culture of the area, the crisp blue sky and the healing sunshine.

All pieces in this line are digitally printed.

  • Manufacturer: Moda Fabrics
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Size: 44"-45" Wide
  • Designer: Create Joy Project
  • Collection: Desert Oasis