Hexified Panel Quilts Pattern GDQ-HPQ


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Hexified Panel Quilts is a physical pattern with instructions to make a Hexified Panel Quilt, a variation of the One Block Wonder technique using 7 panels--six to make the hexagons and a seventh uncut panel to frame within the layout. Full instructions with color photos guide you through the various steps from cutting the strips and triangle sets, making the units, tips on designing your color flow, adding an optional flange frame to the panel, to assembling the rows into sections around the panel, and the sections together into a finished top. Yardage for borders on a throw size quilt are include in the pattern; however, borders are optional to each quilter and their desired finished look. The pattern includes tips on how to adapt to any size panel. Liz's patterns are well written with clear instructions and lots of photos, making them easy to follow. Four pages printed double sided, plus cover, inside a 6"x9" poly zip bag. Hexified Panel Quilts have been made with panels from as small as 4"x4" that finished as a 10"x18" mini, and as large as a nearly double repeat of 40"x40" that finished with borders at 80"x80", and everything in between. The adaptability of this pattern to any size panel is part of its magic.

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