Sewing Machine Muffling Mat

SKU: N08618

The exclusively designed, MadamSew, Sewing Machine Muffling Mat solves a common problem when using your sewing, embroidery or Serger machine.

Have you ever noticed that the faster you sew, embroider or serge with your machine, the more it tends to vibrate and sometimes even move? Do you worry that this will cause damage to your work surface or even your machine? Plus, isn’t the noise from those vibrations against the work surface distracting? If so, then this Sewing Machine Muffling Mat is for you!

This Muffling Mat reduces your machine’s vibration, movement and slipping while also protecting the work surface.

There’s no need to reposition your machine, allowing you to focus on your project. Plus, you will hear the sweet sound of your machine, not it rocking on your work area.

For best results, place the mat logo side up and wavy side down. Then sew, embroider or serge away!