Stonehenge Gradations Ombre Oxidized Copper

CHF 13.00
SKU: F08921

Created by renowned Stonehenge designer, Linda Ludovico, Stonehenge Gradations Ombre embodies thirteen new palettes to complement the new Sontehenge palettes introduced in September 2022. This stunning ombre is running yardage printing the full width of the fabric in a progression of color and value from the darkest to the lightest tones. Use the ombre with its complemetary palette from Stonehenge Gradations or mix and match multiple to create something unique. Like Stonehenge Gradations, the new ombre is supported by ongoing continuity and includes a full range of patterns and projects.

  • Manufacturer: Northcott/Monarch
  • Designer: Linda Ludovico
  • Collection: Stonehenge Gradations Ombre
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Size: 40/45" WOF