Do you want to complete your own quilts?

Our Longarm Rental Service is available to help you finish all of the quilt tops you have completed. We have a couple of things to do to get you started:

  1. Take our Free Motion Class to learn how to operate the Amara 20 longarm, and don't worry, it isn't as intimidating as it looks. Once you complete the class, you can reserve time.
  2. Rent time as soon as possible. We even provide an experienced longarm quilter to guide you! It helps you learn and retain what you have learned so you can do more on your own faster. Practice helps you get better at the craft.  
  3. Rent a second time to get a little smarter again. Yes, we still have a guide around to help! The more you rent, the more you practice, the more you learn.
  4. Keep Renting, keep going and don't quit! The more you do, the more you can do. You can complete your quilts in no time with more and more practice. 

Once you learn, you can keep experimenting and practicing. As you go, if you want or need us to load your quilt to help you get a faster start in your day, you can use our Longarm Valet Service we will load your quilt for you. This means when you walk in for your longarm time, you start quilting right away!

Want to learn Pro-Stitcher and use it? Watch for more coming soon!

If finishing your quilts isn't for you, we know it is for us and we are happy to help. We offer Machine Quilting Services and we would be happy to finish your quilt tops for you.