Who We Are

Quilting is about connection, and not just the connection of fabric. It’s an art form that builds and strengthens local communities, whether you are gifting a finished creation to a loved one or seeking advice and ideas from your local guild. It’s this sense of community that makes quilting so unique, and it’s a part of the experience that Handi Quilter intensifies, offering our customers not just a machine, but a chance to join an enthusiastic new community

What we do

Handi Quilter is the leading manufacturer of quilting machines, systems, and quilting accessories. Made and assembled in the USA, Handi Quilter systems provide the highest quality machines and features to price, all backed by the Handi Quilter warranty.

When you compared the features, benefits, easy of use and prices of Handi Quilter Quilting systems, we are confidence you will find your new quilting machine system within the Handi Quilter family.

Sales and Service

We are proud to be a Handi Quilter authorized dealer and have been presented with many awards and accomplishments including, the "Best of the Best" Rep and HQ Way Award for outstanding service, sales and education.

When you purchase a Handi Quilter machines from us, you don't just get a machine, you join our Handi Quilter Family. Oh, and we own these machines in our homes and quilt on them almost every day!

Complimentary Delivery and Setup

With the Purchase of your Handi Quilter, we will have your machine delivered to your home and come set it up. We will also spend some time training you on how to use it.

*Complimentary delivery within 150 miles of the shop.

**Entry level machine packages (HQ Carpi, HQ Sweet 16, HQ Moxie, HQ Simply 16) purchases are excluded from the Complimentary Delivery & Setup, however they will receive an in-store 'Get Acquainted Session'.

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