PFAFF has a great selection of innovative sewing machines, each with different features and performance ranges.

PFAFF Machines are machines of substance, quality and are made to last! We are proud PFAFF dealers and stock the full line up of PFAFF Machines.

PFAFF machines are beautiful to sew on for many reasons but one that really stands out is PFAFF's own IDT (Integrated Dual Technology).

With the IDT engaged, fabric is fed from the top and bottom at the same time no matter the stitch length or width which means absolutely no fabric slippage.

We consider PFAFF to be the premier sewing machine brand, desired by sewers and quilters of impeccable taste and quality. Our staff are PFAFF trained to help you match machine features to your sewing desires and will help you find the right machine for your sewing ambitions and price point.

When you purchase your PFAFF from Country Traditions, you have bought more than a machine you gain the knowledge and support of our Creative Center Assistants. Our staff are strongly passionate about the PFAFF brand and want you to have a wonderful experience with your new Machine, and will provide you with:


Complimentary Lifetime Owners Classes

For as long as you own your machine you can come in for Owners Classes. Classes are held in group settings. They are offered in a series of four topic sessions, on Thursday nights, Friday mornings and all day Saturday Classes. You are invited to take the owners classes as often and as many times as you like.

Shopping Spree on Us

As our thank-you for your support and confidence in us, we will give you a 20% off Shopping spree certificate to the store. This allows you the opportunity during the next year to enjoy a one time 20% off shopping spree on regularly priced items. Plus, during Owners class, you get to try out different PFAFF accessories and feet with the opportunity to purchase these at 20% off, following class.

Knowledgeable PFAFF Certified Support Team

With over 60 years of combined PFAFF Experience, our Creative Center team is ready to assist you with your machine questions and to inspire you with tons of new sewing possibilities.

Get Acquainted Session

Before taking your new machine home, we will give you a one on one introductory class introducing you to your new machine. You will leave knowing the basics, comfortable threading and moving around your machine, ready to bond when you get home.

On-Site Certified PFAFF Technicians

We have an onsite certified PFAFF technician, so when your machine comes in for its yearly check up, all the work is done right here and the machine never leaves the store.

Pfaff Machine Line Up