Brother Entrepreneur Monogram Kit PR Series

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By Brother


Monogram Kit is an embroidery frame kit that allows you to embroider monograms, logos, and small patterns on PR/PR1X, such as small pockets and narrow sleeves.

Main Features

  • Compact Frame/S Frame Available in 4 different sizes/shapes depending on the embroidery area and shape allowing you to embroider in narrow spaces such as small pockets and sleeves. Frame sizes: 38 × 44mm (~1.5 × 1.7 in), 41 × 70mm (~1.6 × 2.7 in), 33 × 75mm (~1.3 × 2.9 in), and 50 × 50mm (~2 × 2 in)
  • Compact Frame M Easiest hooping (click and snap) with strong holding power, the Clamp Frame M has a Double-sided frame surface to cover both woven and slippery material. Ideal for materials ranging from thin and thick, as well as tote bags, shirt sleeves, sports jackets, towels, and more.
  • For use with Brother PRS100, PR1X, PR650e or older models, PR655/670/680W, PR1000/PR1050X /PR1055X