Bernina Midi Hoop

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By Bernina
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  • Uniform tension on the fabric surface
  • Optimum use of the embroidery fleece
  • Ergonomic twist lock
  • Template for exact placement
  • Max. embroidery area 265mm x 165mm (10.4in x 6.5in)

Hooping any fabric with the BERNINA Midi Embroidery Hoop is so easy. Due to the reliable ergonomic twist-lock-mechanism, the hoop can be opened and closed with a touch of a finger. The BERNINA Midi Embroidery Hoop features the same comfort and precision as the Maxi and Jumbo Hoop, and suits perfectly for medium-sized embroidery motifs.

The BERNINA Midi Hoop is compatible with the models of the NEW BERNINA 5 Series as well as with the B 880 PLUS and B 790 PLUS. After installing the firmware update, the B 880, B 830, B 790, B 780, B 770 QE, B 750 QE, B 740, B 720 and B 700 are also compatible with the BERNINA Midi Hoop.

Mfr SKU: 102374.70.00

Fits the following Machines: D2, Ea (1+2+4), Eb, F2 -- See link below to determine if your machine can accept this accessory!

Does this fit your machine? Visit What Fit's My Machine to see which category your machine is and match it to the guide above.