Dream Wool Batting Roll - by the Yard - 93"

SKU: BB06894

Quilters Dream Batting Wool

  • Delightful blend of fine Merino and domestic wool, approx 1/3" loft.
  • Quilters Dream wool batting is scoured and superwashed for superior cleanliness and to prevent shrinkage and felting
  • Light, luxurious and wonderfully warm with a lovely soft thermal bonded loft of more than 1/3" that beautifully accentuates your quilting.
  • May be machine washed and dried on cold setting without shrinkage.
  • To prevent loosing the beautiful loft – avoid ironing or using heat.
  • Resistant to creases. Fluff in a cooldryer with a damp cloth for just a few minutes if creases are present, and Quilters Dream Wool springs back to its original loft.
  • Confidently stitch up to 8 inches apart.