PFAFF® 1/4" Quilting Foot for IDT™ System

SKU: A820926096

Achieve Precise Seams & Topstitches

This versatile tool turns your quilting creativity into a perfectly polished reality. Designed to join pieced fabric and topstitch with ease.

  • Distance between needle and right guide is 1/4"
  • Gives a perfect 1/4" topstitch distance from the edge of a block
  • Great for stitching blocks, batting and backing together

    How to Use:
  1. Attach the 1/4" Quilting Foot.
  2. Engage the IDT™ system, if available on your machine.
  3. Sew fabric together using straight stitch.
  4. When using 1/4" seam allowance, guide fabric along outer edge of foot. When using a 1/8" seam allowance, guide fabric along inner edge of foot.
Works with machines: D,E,G,J,K,L

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