Picture Perfect Cuddle Kit Rawrsome! Bellflower

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Dinosaurs might be extinct, but they're alive in our imaginations! Our Picture Perfect Cuddle® Kit Rawrsome! Bellflower includes our T-Rex Digital Cuddle® Bellflower print that features triceratops, stegosaurus, pterodactyls and t-rex illustrations that look like they're created with a mix of ink, watercolor and crayon. This quilt and pillow kit also includes our Luxe Cuddle® Sorbet Mermaid, Luxe Cuddle® Frost Iris, Luxe Cuddle® Luna Jewel and Luxe Cuddle® Galaxy Viola (for the binding) fabrics. This Picture Perfect Cuddle® Kit quilt is approximately 38" by 58" and includes a pattern, pre-cut strips and binding, and we recommend using Cuddle® 3 Bellflower, Cuddle® 3 Viola or Luxe Cuddle® Sorbet Mermaid for the backing (approximately 1 1/8 yards needed).