Schmetz Sewing with Knits Bundle

SKU: N2400212

The SCHMETZ Sewing with knits sewing machine needle bundle offers a selection of three needles cards for sewing with knits.

Five (5) needles per card.

Includes three cards of Stretch and Jersey needles, SCHMETZ Luggage Tag and SCHMETZ ABC Pocket Guide.


With SCHMETZ you have choices. Here are our suggested applications:

  • Elastic materials
  • Highly elastic knitwear
  • Knit fabrics with Lycra®, Spandex® or elastic
  • Ajour, cotten knitwear, bouclé, Lycra®, knitted fabrics, corestry fabrics, sweatshirt fabric, faux fur
  • Gauze, jersey, tulle
  • Imitation fur (funfur), reversible, knitted fabric